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Dr. Jodi

Hello! I’m Dr. Jodi Green but call me Jodi. 

I bear numerous roles, such as being an author, coach, chiropractor, speaker, and a diligent entrepreneur operating multiple businesses together with my husband whom I met in Chiropractic school. 


Throughout my upbringing, I consistently found myself captivated by the underlying motivations that drive people's actions. I pondered over the factors that shape individuals into the unique beings they ultimately become, contemplating what defines our true essence. I knew I was destined for more in this life than what I had gotten my college degrees in.


It was only after enduring a tumultuous ordeal in a Mexican prison, during a time when I was meant to be participating in a doctoral retreat, that I unearthed my truest potential. That’s where ‘The Purple Principles’ were born and the book ‘Purple In Prison’ originated from. I overcame some of my greatest fears through my journey and left with a better, more profound relationship with myself and my husband. 


Through all my endeavors, I strive to bring real life example’s with evidence based tools to build your unbreakable mindset to set you up for success.

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