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She creates a captivating and inspirational experience for your audience members that is always heart felt and lays down the foundation for success.

Dr. Jodi has a hand full of topics she speaks worldwide about. Her most popular as of lately, consists of ‘Living the Purple Potential.’ 


Other topics include ‘The Purple Principles’ and how to apply them and ‘The Lavish Life.’ 

Where she highlights tools, she learned from her experience that founded the book ‘Purple InPrison.’ 


She shares true stories from her experience surviving time in a Mexican prison. Each event is specifically tailored to help your audience members overcome the challenges or struggles that have held them back from achieving their goals.


Dr. Jodi focuses on using prevalent studies on accomplishing what your team is looking to achieve. Whether, it be personal development, business strategy, corporate, or foundational strategy and motivation. 


She custom plans each event to be exhilarating, emotionally gravitating and filled with real life stories and relatable examples. 


Each event she is attends she brings fire and hear to leave tools to transform your audience’s life.

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Come to where I sprinkle positive            mindset


consistently! I will 


encourage you to build the best version

of yourself.

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