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So many people are afraid of not being in control of every situation. And I’m not just talking about being in a jail cell, but in everyday life. Even the stuff they can’t control, they try to control anyway. They try to control events, other people, and the future.

Based on her and her husband’s true experience while in Mexico. It had begun with them attending a Doctoral retreat in Tulum, their plans had quickly changed. 


Once they had arrived little did they know at the time they were in for the biggest lessons and life changing ride of a lifetime. 


They had undeniable strength, trust in one another and created a strategic plan with unbreakable communication. 


While applying what they formed to be “The Purple Principles,’ Jodi and Dusty unfold what happened while she was locked behind bars. They share how their bond became unbreakable and how their Purple Principles have helped them thrive without major trauma. Readers will be left with tools to use in multiple situations, while being inspired, motivated and left with a heartfelt connection with Jodi and Dusty. They equally hope you feel love they shared and find the deepest love for your life through reading pieces of their love letters to each other. 


Their stories and principles teach the ‘how’ and ‘why’ strategies that are important for success in a wide variety of situations. It is the perfect addition to any field, where an audience can learn, apply and thrive. 


Jodi hopes you finish the book feeling full of hope for your future.


I know from my own experience and this situation that our life is a testimony of what else in life we are capable of giving. We just have to be able to dig deep and do the work to start giving it. 

Nothing in life comes easy. If it is easy, is it really worth giving?

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